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How To Get Privacy Online

Most people don’t know how much they’re being tracked online by Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. To find out, check this site out

These days it seems like no one has privacy online anymore. Google is collecting data like crazy, along with all the other major search engines. Looking at something on amazon or newegg? Be prepared to be advertised similar items on other websites you visit. Reading an email on gmail? Get advertisements based on the contents of the email. Tracking cookies are everywhere. Facebook is a pit of personal identifying information.

So, can you protect yourself from being tracked constantly? Yes.

Here’s how:

1. Use FireFox as your browser. The other browsers don’t have nearly the amount of privacy plugins and features.

2. Install the “Minimum” plugins listed on this website for your browser, even if you’re not using Firefox. If you are using Firefox I’d highly recommend giving NoScript a go, it has saved me many times from Adobe exploits.

3. Stop using Google search. I would recommend DuckDuckGo & Startpage.

4. Delete your Facebook and Google accounts.

5. Use a VPNĀ  at all times.

Now, some level of tracking on the internet is okay in my book, but when you cross a certain line, like Google has, it turns into something evil. Now, am I really worried about Google tracking me? Not really, I don’t genuinely think it’s a huge problem at this point, but at the rate things are going it’s just going to keep getting worse. I don’t follow all of the above suggestions although I do have all the privacy plugins installed. They really don’t mess up web browsing at all so at the very least I’d install those plugins.

Please do note that some tracking is good for the internet, especially small sites, they need the data to properly monetize the site and keep it alive, but if you’re really privacy & security conscious then follow all those steps. If you’re really paranoid then browse the web through the tor browser bundle.

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