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Dot CM Domains Go Live

September 20th, 2009 No comments

On Sept 18th the Dot CM domains went live to the public. Right now anyone can register a DOT CM domain. Of course, they are costly at about $105 per year. I picked up two domains, one was just a  personal thing.  I got Dylan.CM because that is my first name.

Lots of people are picking these up for typos if you look at or they seem to go to some sort of CPA offer.

I think I’ll setup some email on and forward it to my technologyinsanity address. When talking to people, it would be a lot easier to give out. Other than that, I might setup some kind of web page on it, but right now it just forwards to TechnologyInsanity. It’s kind of hard to get Dylan dot anything they seem to be going for over $1K for most other domains. I don’t know if Dylan dot cm is worth above $105, but it’s possible.

You might be able to still snag some good ones, mainly because people are afraid of buying this ccTLD, plus the registration fee is quite high.

However, there was quite a few dot cm domains that fetched a high price, check this out: Dot CM Auctions. (however, these prices are VERY low in comparison of what the dot com versions would go for.. I think would go for millions.)

If you’re wondering why it is dot CM, it stands for the African country Cameroon.

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The Best Place To Buy Domains:

April 25th, 2009 4 comments

I went through GoDaddy at first, probably because they’re the most advertised and everyone knows about them. They charge an arm and a leg for domain privacy. Not only that, but registering the domain itself really isn’t that cheap.

Then I moved on to NameCheap where I have ExtremeTechie and a few others. I thought that was a great deal, only about $10 for a domain and free whoisguard. I was pretty satisfied with it. Yet again, after more research I found there was an even cheaper domain service. I’m speaking of My first order I bought 3 domains for only $15! Two .com’s and one .net. They all came with whois protection for free.

I will now be using as my main place to buy domains. Everything went really smooth, and it works just as well as namecheap or GoDaddy. I actually can’t stand GoDaddy anymore, I’ll never buy another domain from them. I may use NameCheap again though. They are a good domain provider, no doubt about it. just goes above only charging $5 or less sometimes for domains WITH whois protection. I don’t think any provider can really beat those prices.

You may wonder why I need so many domains, I need them for landing pages in my PPC campaigns.

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