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Why I Disabled Comments On Older Posts

January 3rd, 2011 No comments

I’ve started to wonder if having comments is even worth it. Most people don’t comment, the ones that do don’t have much useful information to share most of the time. Sometimes they do, but really I tend to think discussions are better off on forums.

Comment sections always have spammers even if you have all the protections in place, you’re still going to get them. Yes, even if you’re using recaptcha or similar. People from India are paid to solve these captchas. When Web 2.0 started, it really helped out spammers, because now they had tons of places to spam.

On a lower traffic site like mine, 99% of comments are spam. I do get real visitors, but they don’t really comment, as expected. So in my situation, it’s easier just to turn them off if a post is older than 7 days. If the site starts getting thousands and thousands of unique visitors per day I might enable them again. That’s not real likely with my current writing patterns and keywords, but who knows. I just write what I feel like on here and I’m not targeting anything.

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