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The Most Important Variable in AdWords: QS

September 25th, 2009 No comments

Okay, so you start a campaign and you get a 3/10 QS. Can you get it to go higher? You bet. How? Easy, just create 3-5 different text ads and find the one with the highest CTR and delete the rest. I do this all the time anyway, even when I start out with a high QS. Sometimes, Google doesn’t like my LP or something and I’m slapped at 3/10 before I even start.

What I do when I’m sitting at 3/10 QS is split test my3-5 text ads and work on the LP to maximize CTR on it. I spend something like $32 on the campaign for 32 clicks. Not a good deal, but the next day I deactivate poor performing ads and keep the one with the highest CTR and usually at that point, my keywords are sitting at 7/10 QS. At that point I can sometimes lower the bid all the way from $1 to $.10.

QS can REALLY affect your ROI. The lesson here is just to ALWAYS split test text ads and get a high CTR going on, because even if you start out with a high QS, if you don’t split test and get a high CTR your QS will drop. CTR IS the most important factor. I rarely pay attention to anything else. Then you optimize the LP for CTR. (To the offer)

Just a bit of AdWords advice.

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