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iPod Nano 6G Sucks?

January 8th, 2011 No comments

There’s a lot of rambling online about the Nano 6G and how it sucks. Most of the complaints are about it not having all the features the previous version had. I think their strategy was just to make it small. It is called a “Nano” after all. The only thing important, in my mind, on a nano would be that it has an ability to navigate to music tracks. That’s what separates it from the shuffle.

I currently own a Nano 1G, but it’s a pain for working out because it bounces around, and I’ve dropped it all over the place several times. I’m surprised it’s not totally broken yet.

So, this is what I think the Nano was designed for – extremely portable, wearable, music player. Nothing else. Why people nowadays expect an MP3 player to do more is beyond me. I remember back when black and white iPods were awesome. So maybe I’m too old to understand, but I didn’t think 20 was really that old.

I do however own a Droid Incredible, everything people are upset about missing from the Nano.

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